Genevieve Stuttaford's review of 'June 30th, June 30th'
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Review of June 30th, June 30th

by Genevieve Stuttaford?

On a visit to Japan for one month in spring of 1976, Richard Brautigan decided to write a journal of his voyage in verse. Almost every day, weary, sober or hungover, he wrote something about what it felt like being a lonely, if world-famous, American tourist in the hotels, restaurants, cabs, bars of a strange city. Meant to be an intimate record, the book is merely haphazard. Brautigan devotees, remembering Trout Fishing, A Confederate General from Big Sur, Watermelon Sugar and several collections of quirky poety will wince and wonder at this decline in Brautigan's talent.

Publishers Weekly?
January 23, 1978: 371

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