Groupboard(external link)

Groupboard is a set of multi-user java applets including whiteboard, chat, message board, games and voice conferencing which you can place on your web page by simply copying a few lines of html code. You can also run Groupboard on your own web server.

Writeboard(external link)

Writeboards are sharable, web-based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version, and easily compare changes. Writeboard can be used solo or to collaborate with others.

Elluminate(external link)

Elluminate's products create a rich, collaborative environment for real-time discussion and dynamic interaction, allowing you to talk over the internet, chat online, share whiteboards and share applications.

TalkAndWrite(external link) is a whiteboard with voice and video that is powered by Skype(external link).

Gliffy(external link) Application that allows users to draw and share diagrams on the web.

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