Downloadable Applications

Hot Potatoes(external link)

The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is not freeware, but it is free of charge for those working for publicly-funded non-profit-making educational institutions, who make their pages available on the web.

Teaching Tools(external link)

You will find here different "Add-ons" (=modified source files) for Hot Potatoes and Textoys which enable you in some cases to create complete new exercise types.

Potato Skins(external link)

CrossSkins is a freeware tool for showing crossword puzzles on the World Wide Web.

CrossSkins is a Flash-based companion program to the JCross crossword puzzle maker that comes with Hot Potatoes, a free suite of activity-making tools for the web.

MCSkins is a simple freeware tool for showing multiple-choice quizzes and reading activities on the World Wide Web.

MCSkins is a Flash-based companion program to the JBC multiple-choice activity maker in Hot Potatoes, a popular suite of activity-making tools for the web.

Hot Potatoes Code Customization(external link)

Snipets of code to add additional interactivity to HotPotatoes exercises - provided by Bernard Dyer.

TexToys(external link)

TexToys is a suite of two authoring programs, WebRhubarb and WebSequitur. The programs are used to create web pages (HTML documents) which contain interactive language-learning exercises. The exercises are based on the Rhubarb and Sequitur programs originally developed by John and Muriel Higgins.

Quandary(external link)

Quandary is an application for creating Web-based Action Mazes. An Action Maze is a kind of interactive case-study; the user is presented with a situation, and a number of choices as to a course of action to deal with it. On choosing one of the options, the resulting situation is then presented, again with a set of options. Working through this branching tree is like negotiating a maze, hence the name "Action Maze".

Parapal(external link)

Parapal Flash Authoring Suite can be used to create 8 different types of exercises, including proofreading, cloze, sentence ordering, text ordering, essay writing, vocabulary development, multiple choice and identifying extra words. The authoring suite is free for non-profit, publicly available web sites.

Malted(external link)

Malted es una herramienta para la creación y ejecución de unidades didácticas multimedia, desarrollada en particular para la enseñanza de idiomas.

Consta de dos entornos:

Un editor que genera de forma automática y transparente el código xml del que se componen las pantallas, permitiendo además la incorporación de imágenes, audio, vídeo y capacidad para grabar la voz mediante un micrófono externo.

Un navegador que permite ver y completar los ejercicios creados, suministrando puntuaciones al verificar las respuestas proporcionadas.

Netquiz(external link)

Netquiz permet de construire des exercices ou des tests dans Internet sans programmation ni connaissance du langage HTML. Il est maintenant possible d’utiliser neuf types de questions différents (association, choix multiple, réponses multiples, lacune, mise en ordre, test de closure, dictée, zones à identifier et vrai ou faux), tout en insérant des images, des textes, des sons ou des séquences vidéo.

WebQuestions(external link)

Es un programa gratuito (freeware) creado por Daryl Rowland daryl at clever-software.co.uk que de una forma muy sencilla te permite elaborar cuestionarios interactivos en forma de páginas Web sin tener conocimientos de programación.

Permite la combinación de 4 tipos de preguntas en un mismo cuestionario:
1. Elección múltiple
2. Respuesta única
3. Verdadero-Falso
4. Palabra oculta

Tutorial in French
http://www.weblettres.net/framanet/tutoriels/index.php?page=wq(external link)

John's ESL Café(external link)

A downloadable application for creating a variety of Javascript games including action mazes, trivia quizzes, hangman and who wants to be a millionaire?

The zip files include a Windows exe file with examples, to allow you to forge your own activities. The Borland Delphi source code is available "Free" under GPL.

ClicZone(external link)

Clic is a set of free software for the development of multimedia educational activities. The clicZone is a public service from the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia created to give diffusion and support to the use of these resources, and to become a space of cooperation open to the participation of all the educators that want to share the applications produced using the programmes.

Questions-Réponses(external link)

Questions-Réponses est un programme pour Windows qui permet de concevoir rapidement des examens et jeux originaux multimédias (QCM, Questions/Réponses, Vrai/Faux et pot-pourri, pendu et lettres en place) sous forme de fichiers exécutables, de pages Web ou sur papier.

Dyris(external link)

Dyris is a software to make quizzes on line. Easily configurable, it allows to implement:

A personalized presentation: Language, colours, comments...
Series of questions gathered by topic.
Pictures combined with the questions.
Questions asked one after another, each question being corrected before proceeding to the next question.
An evaluation when the user has finished answering all the questions.

Webwinder's Self-Grading Quiz Creator(external link)

With Webwinder's Self-Grading Quiz Creator you can create any one of several types of self-grading JavaScript quizzes (basically true/false or multiple choice) — complete with pop-up, printable report cards — quickly and easily!

commercial sites must license quizzes for a one-time fee of $25 per website.

La Güebera(external link)

El Güeb és una aplicació que permet crear exercicis de diversos tipus en format HTML.

El jGüeb, la nova versió del Güeb, la 3.0, realitzada en java, que a banda de permetre la seva utilització a usuaris d'altres plataformes, busca optimitzar i millorar la creació d'activitats en format HTML.

El Tick segueix un esquema força tradicional: exercicis de Selecció múltiple, i del tipus 'Quina no és?', però la gràcia està en la possibilitat que l'alumne treballi de manera autònoma fent, ell mateix, el seu propi seguiment.

Online Generators

Spellmaster(external link)

Creates Flash Vocabulary Training Aids using online or offline tools.

Interactive Exercise Makers(external link)

QuizStar(external link)

With Quiz Star you can create multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions. You can group your students by class name and activate and deactivate quizzes so they are available to students only on certain dates.

Discovery School's Quiz Center(external link)

At Discovery School's Quiz Center you can create mixed-type quizzes with short answer, true-false, essay, and multiple choice questions. You can decide whether to make the tests self-correcting of have students send in their answers.

Game-O-Matic(external link)

A suite of wizards that create web-based activities for language learning and practice.

SMILE(external link)

SMILE is a tool for creating interactive language-learning activities. Teachers use templates to create activities which are made up of individual items. All of the content and the templates are stored on the server.

SMILE is a free service provided by the Center for Language Education and Research at Michigan State University.

Raptivity(external link) is a rapid interactivity builder which allows you to build interactive eLearning. With Raptivity, You can continue to use your existing authoring tool, LCMS, LMS, CMS and Live Collaboration Systems without any disruption.

Quia(external link)

Activities must be used on Quiz server. You need to pay for an account if you want to create activities.

Quiz Game Master(external link)

Create Interactive Web-Based Quiz Games on the topics of your choice - Turn your Questions and Answers into exciting
Web Based Quiz Games you can save to your computer. (you need to do this by saving the resulting file)

QuestGarden(external link)

QuestGarden will allow you to create a solid WebQuest without any need to know web editing or uploading. On Bernie Dodge's WebQuest.org site.

Teach-nology Web Quest Generator(external link)

Action Mazes

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