Book Towns

In 1961, Richard Booth(external link) founded the World's first Book Town at Hay-on-Wye(external link).

A Book Town is a small rural town or village in which second-hand and antiquarian bookshops are concentrated. Most Book Towns have developed in villages of historic interest or of scenic beauty.

There are now around twenty towns throughout the World describing themselves as Book Towns or Book Villages, with another twelve or more proposed. Links to some of these booktowns can be found below:



Damme Boekendorp(external link) (1997)

Redu: Village du Livre(external link) (1984) in the Haute-Lesse between Liège and Luxemburg


Sysmä Bookvillage(external link) (1997)


Bécherel(external link) (1988) in Brittany between Rennes and Saint Malo

Montolieu(external link) (1989) 17 km northwest of Carcassonne

Fontenoy la Joute(external link) (1993) in the Lorraine near Nancy

Village du livre de Cuisery(external link) (1999) in Bresse south of Dijon


Buchdorf Mühlbeck-Friedersdorf(external link) (1997) 45 km north of Leipzig

Bücherstadt Wünsdorf(external link) (1997) located 30 km south of Berlin


Montereggio paese dei librai(external link) (1998)


The Norwegian Booktown in Fjærland(external link) (1995) North-east of Bergen between Sogndal and Førde

Tvedestrand(external link) Book town near Skagerrak on the southern coast of Norway


Bokens Stad I Mellösa - Fredsbokstaden(external link) (2001) 115 km southwest of Stockholm


St-Pierre-de-Clages: le Village suisse du Livre(external link) (1993) in the Valais

The Netherlands

Bredevoort Booktown(external link) (1993) Dutch-German European booktown

United Kingdom

Hay-on-Wye(external link) (1961) Hay-on-Wye, the World's first Book Town, lies on the edge of Wales (the County of Powys) and England (the County of Herefordshire).

Wigtown(external link) (1997) Scotland's National Book Town

Sedbergh(external link) (2005) England's Booktown in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

North America


Sidney Booktown(external link) in British Columbia on the Vancouver Island's Saanich Peninsula

United States

Stillwater, Minnesota(external link) (1993) North America's first booktown

Gold Cities BookTown(external link) Grass Valley - Nevada City California

More Information:

International Organisation of Book Towns(external link)

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