Online Course Management Systems

Course Management Systems enable instructors to develop and deliver online educational content with little or no expertise in HTML or other Web programming languages. Development tools are built in to the environments, enabling instructors to create Web pages, upload documents, design online quizzes and tests, and add such features as email, threaded discussion, and chat.

The following are free:

Nicenet(external link) is a non-profit organization of Internet professionals who give their time to provide services to the Internet community. Everything in Nicenet is offered free for public use.

eLecture(external link) is a free e-education package to facilitate the design and presentation of electronic lectures. It is also posible to set up a discussion forum and a user filespace for collaborative learning.

Comparisons of Course Management Tools

If you are not sure which is best for you, there are several sites that offer comparisons of various Course Management Systems:

EduTools(external link) is a resource for higher education that is designed to assist users in making a decision about their course management system. You can compare products by name (if you already know which products you'd like to compare), by features or within pre-selected groups(external link).

Edutech's evaluation of open source learning management systems(external link) (2005)

Edutech's evaluation of commercial learning management systems(external link) (2003)

Open Source Learning Management Systems

Claroline(external link) is a free GPL software working with PHP/MySQL. It is a course based educational tool allowing teachers to create and administer their courses through the web. Features: Shared Documents (File Manager); Agenda; Forums; Student; papers upload; Links; Statistics; Announcements; Logging and sessions;

Moodle(external link) is a Free, open source PHP application for producing Internet-based educational courses and Web sites on any major platform (Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac OS X). Courses are easily built up using modules such as forums, journals, quizzes, surveys, assignments, resources, choices and more. Data is stored in a single database: MySQL and PostgreSQL are best supported, but it can also be used with Oracle, Access, Interbase, ODBC and others. Moodle is available in 30 languages.


Moodle for Language Teaching(external link)

eXtropia(external link) provides free open source applications which you can download. modify and install on your server. Although eXtropia provides installation documentation, you need to have some programming experience to get the scripts running.

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