TESL-L(external link)

TESL-L was founded in May, 1991, with the goal of providing educators with a fast, convenient, and topical electronic discussion forum that focuses on issues related to TESL/TEFL.

TESLCA-L(external link)

TESLCA-L is a branch of TESL-L which was set up to discuss computer technology and TESL. To join you must already be a member of TESL-L but you can elect to suspend the reception of mail from the TESL-List and receive only messages posted on the TESLCA-List

NETEACH-L(external link)

NETEACH-L is an on-line forum through which international EFL/ESL teachers can discuss issues related to using technology as an educational tool. This list was created for the purpose of not only sharing success stories and activity ideas, but also helping computer-phobic teachers overcome their fears in order to use the technology to their students' (and their own) full advantage.

ITFORUM(external link)

ITFORUM is an electronic listserv, sponsored by the Department of Instructional Technology at The University of Georgia, where people from around the world discuss theories, research, new paradigms, and practices in the field of Instructional Technology. It is a little different from most listservs in that from time to time, leaders in the field are invited to write a short paper or essay that is posted on the website and subsequently discussed. This guest discussant remains available electronically on the list for a period of one week to discuss, debate, or answer questions from subscribers.

Hot Potatoes Users(external link)

Hot Potataoes Users is a discussion group for users of Hot Potatoes, a suite of Web authoring tools by Half-Baked Software Inc. and the University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre.

Forums Séquane: Hot Potatoes(external link) (French)

Quandary Users(external link)

Quandary Users is a discussion group for those who use Quandary, by Half-Baked Software, for creating learning action mazes. In this forum members share tips, best practices, wish lists and thoughts about action mazes in general.

Discussion Lists for Students

Dave's ESL Cafe Discussion Forums(external link)

ePals Classroom Exchange(external link)

ePALS is the Internet's largest community of collaborative classrooms engaged in cross-cultural exchanges, project sharing and language learning.

Student List Project(external link): International EFL/ESL Email Student Discussion Lists

Online projects for students

Susan Gaer's Email Projects Home Page(external link)

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections(external link) is a free service to help teachers link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges.

Language Learning in Tandem(external link): Autonomous learning with a partner.

Ruth Vilmi's collaborative writing projects include the International Writing Exchange(external link) (IWE) where students from around the world exchange ideas on general and controversial topics and DiscussIt (ICT) where students discuss computer-related topics.


Vilmi, Ruth. Global Communication Through Email: An Ongoing Experiment at Helsinki University of Technology(external link)

Online Communities

Webheads in Action: Communities of practice online(external link) Webheads meet online regularly to explore the latest synchronous and non-synchronous communications technologies, including video and voice, to adapt and demonstrate new innovative ideas for e-learning and classroom curriculum.

ExtremeTechnoELT(external link) s a community for advanced users of IT and programmers who are involved in English Language Teaching in some way.

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