Scripts for Educators(external link)

Since 1996, Scripts for Educators has been providing free Perl CGI scripts to the online educational community, and others. From email forms to chat scripts to online quizzes, guestbook, and more, here, you'll find many programs, along with detailed instructions on how to set them up for your own website.

Interactive Story(external link)

The program is an interactive story, written by its readers. As people read the story, each page tells a part of the story. Each page ends with two choices for what to do next. Users click on one of the two links to read what happens next in the story. It works like the "choose your own adventure" books that were popular when I was a child. When people reach the end of the part that is already written, they can enter the next page of the story. You can configure it to send you e-mail when a new chapter is added.

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