Advanced Distributed Learning: SCORM Documentation(external link)

Cooking up a SCORM — A SCORM 1.2 Content Cookbook for Developers(external link)

A "cookbook" for developers of SCORM content, with HTML and JavaScript examples to illustrate various aspects of SCO to API communication. Includes samples of single-page and multiple page SCOs, simple method to "wrap" a dumb resource into a SCO, using suspend and resume, tracking SCO objectives, playing a SCO in a full screen window, etc. Also shows a simple packaging manifest example and briefly describes an implementation strategy to keep SCORM 1.2 content relevant when the final SCORM 1.3 specification is released some time in 2003.

Two articles at the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology:

Manifest Maker for ADL SCORM 1.2(external link)

A Free Dreamweaver Extension To Create a SCORM 1.2 Manifests

Reload: Reusable eLearning Object Authoring & Delivery(external link)

RELOAD Editor and SCORM Player

WeLOAD: Web based Learning Object Authoring And Delivery(external link)

SCOurse(external link)

Este curso intenta posibilitar una amplia comprensión sobre la iniciativa ADL SCORM, su funcionamiento técnico, así como permitir la experimentación con las fuentes del propio "SCOurse".

El curso SCOurse de ADL es una colección de Objetos de Aprendizaje (SCO), que puede ser combinado de muchos modos para diferentes audiencias. Este paquete, no solo es útil a la hora de aprender sobre SCORM, sino que también es un banco de pruebas interesante para experimentar con la creación, utilización y reutilización de contenidos para eLearning basados en la norma SCORM.

SCORM Assessment Creation Tool(external link)

Create SCORM Conformant Assessments quickly and easily with this online tool. Hit export and in seconds you have a SCORM package that can be loaded into your LMS. Tracks students answers and overall scores.

SCORM and Flash: Getting started(external link)

The purpose of this document is to give an overview of what implementing the SCORM runtime entails. It assumes that you are creating learning content using Flash.

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