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A Brief History of Wiki

A Brief History of Wiki

In the past 15 years

1989 Tim Berners-Lee invents the WWW
1993 Marc Andreessen develop Mosaic, the first graphic web browser
1995 Ward Cunningham invents the WikiWikiWeb (external link) to house the Portland Pattern Repository
1995 Bernie Dodge designs the first WebQuest
1997 The first weblogs appear (John Barger coins the term)
1998 Mark Guzdial and his team at Georgia Tech introduce the CoWeb
1999 Pitas launches the first free tool for creating blogs
2001 Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launch the Wikipedia (external link)
2002 PMWiki first used at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
2002 Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley create Wikicities (now Wikia (external link)), a wiki farm

The Future of Wikis?

  • integration with centralized content management systems
  • standardized wiki markup language
  • real time conversations with others viewing the same page
  • reuse of materials or patterns
  • a graphic view of the relationship between pages
  • blikis

More on Blikis (or Wikiblogs):

Blikis are "a mixture between the blog and the wiki, in which articles are posted on a journal in date order, but remain editable by other users. Effectively, the bliki is simply a wiki in which articles may be added not by keyword, but by date." (Tonkin)

Some wiki or collaborative WCMS implementations such as Scoop (external link), SnipSnap (external link), and Vanilla (external link) describe themselves as allowing collaborative editing, commenting, and threaded discussion, generally by date as with Weblogs. (Matisson)

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