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Choosing a wiki engine

Choosing a wiki engine

Things to take into consideration when choosing a wiki

* Does it have a WYSIWYG editor?

* Does it keep track of who modifies what?

* Is it possible to rename pages?

* Is it possible to create categories?

* Is it possible to create groups of users?

* Can pages be locked, password protected or set to private?

* Does it have a locking mechanism that disallows concurrent page edits?

* Which programming language is it written in?

* What extra features or add-ons does it provide (blogging, polling, calendars, RSS...)?

A Selection of options

Educational Wikis: features and selection criteria (external link)

Wikis to upload to your server

  • PMWiki (external link) one of the easiest to set up and use
  • MediaWiki (external link) the one used by the Wikipedia

Wikis integrated in a CMS

  • TikiWiki (external link) open-source wiki-based content management system includes an optional module for creating courses called AulaWiki (external link)
  • Moodle (external link) an open-source course management system that includes a wiki - as well as an improved wiki module called DFWiki (external link)

Wikifarms (servers that provides wiki hosting)

Wiki-like applications

  • Writeboard (external link) restricts editors to those invited, via e-mail, by the creator of a page.
  • Writerly (external link) also closes access to those not allowed by the creator of a page but lets the creator export the resulting content in several formats, including HTML and Word.
  • JotSpot Live (external link) differs in aiming at groups that are editing multiple documents and can display what documents other users within a team are working on.

- their appearance is slick
- WYSIWYG editing
- identify individual contributors

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