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Differences between Wikis, Blogs and Discussion Boards

Wikis, Blogs and Discussion Boards

"A wiki can be a blog, but a blog does not have to be a wiki"

David Mattison, "Quickiwiki, Swiki, Twiki, Zwiki and the Plone Wars Wiki as a PIM and Collaborative Content Tool (external link)"

"Blogs link to the past and wikis link to the future"''

George Siemens. "Blogs and Wikis in Space." (external link)

Wikis vs. Blogs

usually have a single authorusually have many authors
provoke debatepromote collaboration
have a reverse chronological structurestructure determined by content - categories and concepts emerge in the authoring process
more structuredmore flexible
secured against open collaboration, but can be managed for limited collaborationopen to anyone, but can be secured against unauthenticated users
once a blog addition is posted, it often cannot be editedwikis are continually being edited
don't always contain internal seach enginesinclude integrated search mechanisms for locating content
typically use RSS feeds to alert users to new contentusually use email notification to alert users to changes
use WYSIWYG editingusually employ a simplified markup formatting
the first recognized blogs appeared in 1997the first wiki came online in March 1995

Wikis vs. Discussion Boards

only allow users to add new contentwiki content is fully changeable
students must wade through old information which may be inaccurate or poorly writtenstudents can correct false information and refine the presentation of information
links cannot be added from one message to anotherwiki pages can be linked, backlinked and categorized

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