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Using Wikis for Collaborative Writing

Advantages of Using Wikis for Collaborative Writing

  • wikis can facilitate student-teacher and peer-to-peer interaction
  • wikis promote the sharing of knowledge amongst a group of learners
  • students become active contributors to each other's learning
  • peer response gives students a sense of audience, increases their motivation and their confidence in their writing, and helps them learn to evaluate their own writing better
  • students are provided with more opportunities for negotiating meaning in regard to their writing
  • wikis help students see the social processes of writing
  • wikis promote the close reading, revision, and tracking of drafts
  • wikis discourage "product oriented writing" while facilitating "writing as a process"
  • students define for themselves how their processes and groups will develop and how the wiki can fulfill their objectives
  • collaborative writing is student-centered and enables students to share authority and empower themselves with the responsibility of building on their knowledge
  • students can master system functionality quickly and focus their energies on the collaborative development of content
  • wikis make it possible to trace and monitor each student's contributions, and thereby avoid collaborative biases such as the free-rider or sucker effect

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